Map the Void. An italian Civic Ecology Project

The Project and the Report

The Report analyzes a Civic Ecology practice case in the Italian city of Matera – European Capital of Culture 2019-, personally lived from its author in the 2015-2017 and published on Storify as a Capstone Project for the Cornell University Civic Ecology Mooc, under the supervision of Professor Marianne E. Krasny.

Map the Void so is a project designed by a team of architects and green designer, aimed at the architectural, environmental and cultural redevelopment of a green area in the heart of the modern district of Serra Venerdì.

Started in 2014 the project is still active and it developed in 2019.

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Published initially on the Cornell platform for the Civic Ecology MOOC, and on Sorify, the Report can be shared, in part or totally, reporting author and source and for non-commercial purposes.